Villa Tilleuls

Lausanne, Switzerland - 2008 (ongoing)

A large city villa, dating from 1890, is transformed to accommodate a 2010 way of living. The structure of the house is magificent. High ceilings, plaster and wood moldings, diagonally laid parkets of oak and cherry, high windows with louvers folded within the window openings. The house, however, is designed for a family life of the past century with clear boundaries between masters and servants, males and females, elders and children. Several precise incisions were necessary to change the rigidity of the inhabited space, and to allow for a contemporary way of living. A new island kitchen is inserted into the former dining room as an "objet trouvé"; the former maid quarters are transformed into computer hubs, mixing work and domestic life. Several walls were demolished to liquefy the main living space, which now accomodates 80 people confortably. Former bedrooms are transformed into shower and bathing rooms in search for bodily pleasure: a large sculptural sink, a round bathtub, a walk-in shower, plastered with light-glass mosaics.