Cambridge, USA - 2008

A green pavilion sits on the rooftop of an existing brick building. The rooftop has been transformed into a garden with gravels, grass and a few planted trees. The pavilion is a delicate, transparent object. The exterior facades and the interior partitions are all in glass. The glass panels have been treated with different technics, e.g. linear frosted, densily sand-blasted, clear ; to achieve subtle changes in their transparencies. Together the glass panels create a sensual pattern. The rounded shape of the pavilion and the use of concave and convex corners soften the building: a precious object deposited in a garden. The overall shape of the pavilion is made of different angles approaching the form of a rectangle. The irregular shape makes the object appear, from the street, as an independant object on the roof. The ephemeral quality of the pavilion calls for a place of thinking, dreaming bold ideas. The interior glass partition allows for visual connection from one office to the other and to the main lobby. Although there is acoustic privacy, visually all spaces are connected.