Nashoba Road

Concord, USA - 2006

The house on Nashoba Road is a cape style house, located in Concord, Massachusetts, built in the 1950's. The cape represents an idiosyncratic american suburban housing typology, a typical small, one-family home conceived and built all across New England after World War II. As families grow, the cape grows organically, expanding both horizontally and vertically. In this house transformation project, a modest cape house was expanded by the addition of a series of new spaces that flow into into each other and are at the same time independent. A first intervention was the displacement of the main door from the former west wing to the jonction point between the main living room, the great room and the atelier, a delicate passage point, which has become the new center of gravity in the internal family traffic flow. Inside, walls are punctuated by deep openings creating a fluid floor plan. The perforation of interior walls and addition of new windows to the outside transform the expanded cape, a traditionally introverted dark typology, into an airy home, filled with light.